The Design Process

Initial Inquiry/Discovery

Hooray! You’re interested in more info! After you fill out the Design Inquiry or schedule a discovery call, you will receive an email from me to confirm your discovery call to discuss your needs.

*(Important) You will also receive a questionnaire regarding your design project needs. It is preferred that you fill out the questionnaire before our phone meeting so we can discuss your need and I can ask any questions regarding your design needs.

Welcome Package

After we make the decision to work together, you will receive a welcome package from me! This will include a proposal of what I will be doing for you and what you will receive from me per our phone conversation.

*Your package will also include a description of costs, services and your design quote. It will also include a contract listing our terms and agreements.

* This will be the time to complete the invoice for payment to hold your spot. I will set up a shared google drive and Asana account. I prefer to use Asana to streamline the design process and this will be the first line of communication.


During this time, there will be a slight waiting period before we start the design process. This is also the best time to do your homework to help me design your project.

*First things first is to create a secret Pinterest board filled with your favorite color schemes, fonts, styles, and ideas that inspire you. This will give me an idea of what you like for your design.

*(Very Important) Please make sure you have all of your content ready, your photos, and social network links up and running.


This stage is the beginning of the project where I create a mood board based on your Pinterest board. Next, I will start creating logos or layouts based on your wants and needs for your project. I will send you samples to review to see if I am on the right track. Then we will keep revising until it is just what you need for your brand!

I will also create a shared dropbox/google drive so that your image files are always accessible. (Files will be deleted after 3 months)


This is the fun part of the project!  After you approve your project designs, I will create your brand style guide. Your brand style guide displays your final logo, alternative logos, font styles, color scheme, and inspiration. Then we will take your designs and install it into your marketing materials and your website.

*This is also the stage that your final payment is due.

Launch Day

Before we launch your beautiful website, we need to double check everything. This is the best time to add more to the website and make sure nothing is missing. I will also send you a personal branding kit that has everything about your brand including your brand images, layout, links, and more so you can launch your brand.


25% of your package price must be paid to be placed on the waiting list and book with me.